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He suggests that he post about her on a persocom forum that he frequents to see if anybody online has any idea what make she is. Son mari l'a délaissée au profit d'une persocom. Le scanner et convertisseur de scan en PDF Adobe Scan vous connecte aux meilleurs services de traitement de documents sur le marché, grâce auxquels vous pouvez optimiser votre utilisation des documents PDF. In the manga, Elda loses her own memories as a consequence of this act. Upon learning that she is searching for a job, the man invites her to follow him, saying that he has been looking for a girl to work for him. Lire la suite. With the connection broken, Chi is able to complete her program but chooses not to.

Tome 01 de Chobits scan fr. Titre = Chobits Resumé = Hideki Motosuwa,un jeune rônin de 18 ans Lien de téléchargement de l'intégrale dans un gloriagraham.info à extraire (ne. Mélant informatique et robotique, Chii est un ordinateur (car dans l'histoire les ordis ont formes humaines, et temps qu'à faire, de jolies formes!) qui est trouvé.

Un soir, le jeune homme découvre parmi un tas d'ordures un persocom abandonné à l'apparence d'une belle jeune fille. Hideki la surnomme ainsi, et petit à petit lui apprend à parler. Mais Tchii n'est peut-être pas un ordinateur ordinaire… Il se pourrait qu'elle soit un Chobits, un Persocom au pouvoir dépassant l'entendement.

Il l'appelle ainsi et entreprend alors son éducation. Étant donné que sa mémoire a été effacée, Hideki doit refaire totalement son éducation et sa maladresse face à cet ordinateur si humain et touchant. Leur relation va évoluer lentement et le jeune étudiant va s'attacher à son ordinateur plus qu'il ne l'aurait imaginé.

En vérité, elle est la créatrice de Tchii et de Freya. Elle contient des programmes de défense pour protéger Jima contre toute tentative d'intrusion dans son système. En retour, Shimbo l'oblige à prêter Kotoko à Hideki. Cela dit, il aide Minoru à chercher des informations sur les Chobits sans succès le nom Dragonfly provient du nom de la drogue hallucinogène Bromo Dragonfly. Elle révèle vers la fin de l'histoire que les Chobits ne sont pas aussi exceptionnels que la rumeur le prétend on comprend alors que ces ordinateurs ne sont pas plus avancés que Yûzuki.

Elle était amoureuse de son père c'est-à-dire le mari de Chitose Hibiya mais après avoir eu un chagrin d'amour, elle mourra. Après avoir échoué son examen d'entré à l'université, il décide d'aller déménager dans une grande ville pour suivre des cours de préparation pour réussir l'examen. Un soir, il trouve une persocom sur un tas d'ordures. Il décide de la ramener chez lui.

Hideki est impulsif, naïf, mais très gentil. Il s'attachera vite à Tchii et tombera même dans le dernier épisode amoureux de la petite persocom.


Unfortunately, Sumomo's system crashes when she is connected. Under the impression that Chi is a custom-made persocom, Shinbo suggests that Hideki take her to Minoru , a persocom expert. Minoru is curious about Chi's abilities, and he agrees to scan her; four of his custom models are used, each one crashing during the attempt.

While this astounds Hideki, it only heightens Minoru's curiosity. Another one of his persocoms, Yuzuki , suggests that she try scanning Chi. Minoru reluctantly agrees, and Yuzuki connects herself to Chi.

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Her attempt also fails, although she is able to disengage with a minimal loss of data. Amazed by Chi's ability to repel Yuzuki's probe, Minoru begins to suspect that she may be a Chobit; a legendary persocom rumored to possess true sapience.

He suggests that he post about her on a persocom forum that he frequents to see if anybody online has any idea what make she is. He later receives a strange image via email from an untraceable sender; the image depicts a persocom identical in appearance to Chi except for the word "HOBIT" on one leg. Hideki shows the image to Chi, but she claims that this is not the same persocom as herself. Minoru is later sent a second image from the same anonymous user.

This image depicts the same persocom with two scientists, one of whom is Chitose Hibiya. Employment At one point Hideki considers having to take on a second job due to his poor financial state.

Chi, looking through one of his magazines, sees a job advertisement and shows it to Hideki with the suggestion that she take the job, completely unaware that the advertised position is for a dominatrix.

Hideki is both embarrassed and furious, and an upset Chi asks why she cannot have a job. Hideki hastens to reassure her that she can have a job, but it's just the type of job that matters. He tells her that when he gets home from work he'll talk to her about getting a good job.

Chi accidentally in Yumi's uniform at Chiroru bakery. Chi disregards this and leaves the apartment shortly after Hideki, looking for a job.


She is soon approached by a stranger, who asks her where she is going. Upon learning that she is searching for a job, the man invites her to follow him, saying that he has been looking for a girl to work for him. Chi asks if it is a "good job", and the man answers yes, saying that it has short hours and lots of pay.

The job in question is that of a stripper at a peep show. Minoru and Yuzuki, searching online for any possible information pertaining to Chi's past life, stumble across live video of her at the peep show as she waits for instructions on what to do.

Minoru contacts Shinbo through Sumomo, and a nearby Hideki overhears their conversation. He takes Sumomo and she directs him to the location of the peep show.

The owner of the peep show tries to direct Chi on how to put on a good show for the customers. Chi is unable to take off her bra, so the man tells her to take off her underpants and put her fingers into her vagina.


Chi is about to do so when Freya intervenes and warns her to stop. Perplexed and under the assumption that Chi is running some sort of program, the owner attempts to show her how to do it. Chi resists, destroying the room in the process and escaping outside just as Hideki arrives. After Hideki manages to find Chi and bring her home, he reassures her that she did not do anything wrong, and that if she truly desires a job, he will help her to find a good one.

He is eventually able to this, convincing Hiroyasu Ueda to employ her at his bakery during his anniversary sale.

Chobits VOSTFR

Ueda is very impressed with her effort, stating that she made no mistakes and worked diligently all day. He asks her if she would like to work there full time and a delighted Chi asks Hideki for his permission to do so when she arrives home from work. Kidnap On one occasion Hideki is unable to walk Chi to the bakery, so she is forced to make the trip alone. While standing outside a bookstore examining the latest copy of A City with No People, she is kidnapped by Yoshiyuki Kojima , who recognized her as being the strange persocom Minoru had posted about.

Under the assumption that she must be an especially powerful persocom to have captured the interest of Minoru, he comes to believe that she might be a Chobit.

Scans VF (Liens Téléchargement) de Chobits - Manga no Yume

Yoshiyuki connects her to all of his custom-made persocoms the only exception being Kotoko , and initiates a program that he had created especially for Chi that is designed to break through her firewalls. Chi restrains Yoshiyuki Kojima during her kidnap. After Hideki is told by Ueda that Chi hasn't shown up for work, he begins to suspect that she may have been kidnapped.

He contacts Minoru and begins to search the streets for her. At the same time, Minoru is systematically searching through the IP addresses of every member of the persocom forum to try and determine who had sent the strange images before. He is then sent another image, this time a street map.

He contacts Hideki, who is searching for Chi with Shinbo and Sumomo. They run through all of the IP addresses registered on the forum and narrow the possible locations of the kidnapper down to a nearby area of Tokyo.

Minoru checks to see who the IP address is registered to and realizes that it is Yoshiyuki, who goes under the alias "Dragonfly". He tracks Sumomo and superimposes her location onto his map, and when they arrive on the street they are able to determine which house Chi must be in.

Yoshiyuki is amazed that Chi has been able to block his program after an hour of continuous running, but he is confident that it will not take much longer to break through her defenses. He hugs her in delight at how powerful she is, and then begins to grope at her.

Freya intervenes again, binding Yoshiyuki with all of the wires connected to Chi, and then releasing a powerful concussive blast.


At this moment Hideki and Shinbo appear and Freya vanishes, causing Chi to collapse. She recovers and briefly reunites with Hideki before losing consciousness.

Shinbo then forces Yoshiyuki to transfer Kotoko's registration to Hideki in order to prevent Yoshiyuki from deleting her memories, so that a record of his attempted kidnap exists. The next day, Hideki and Chi then leave to find Ueda and let him know that Chi is safe. Under the impression that something terrible will happen if her program executes successfully, they send two persocoms, Zima and Dita , to destroy her. They have been created from the same system architecture as Chi, and are immune to her ability to freeze other persocoms.

However, Zima wants Chi to succeed in her task, and purposefully misinforms Dita of Chi's whereabouts. Chi's program is almost completed when Zima unwillingly gives away her position to Dita, who goes to destroy her. Hideki arrives and goes up to his apartment room. Once inside Chi tells him of her love, asking if it is requited. Hideki responds in the affirmative, and they embrace briefly before Chi's program executes.

Chi floats up to the roof of the apartment and begins to run her program, freezing every persocom with the exceptions of Zima and Dita. Dita attempts to hack into Chi, who repulses it easily.

Dita then connects directly and begins to shut Chi down. Hideki makes his way on to the roof to save Chi, but he is restrained by Zima. Dita explains to him that for the good of all persocoms, Chi must be destroyed.