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In Banjo-Kazooie the titular duo would be magically transported to each level via special doors in Gruntilda's lair. On avait raison d'être craintif à ce sujet puisque oui, les mouvements ont été largement simplifiés, un retour en arrière pour ce qui était l'un des points fort de cette série. On September 27, , Microsoft and Rare announced at X06 that the series would return after eight years on the Xbox Heureusement, Mumbo Jumbo le magicien concocte vite fait bien fait un sortilège pour envoyer Banjo à son tour dans le passé. In this world; Banjo and Kazooie must fight Klungo for the third and final time, participate in the "Tower of Tragedy" quiz, bring Bottles and King Jingaling back to life, and finish Grunty off once and for all.

Banjo Kazooie - La vengeance de Grunty Jeu Java, télécharger sur votre mobile gratuitement. Banjo-Kazooie: La Revanche de Grunty: Alle Neuigkeiten und Rezensionen auf Qwant TÉLÉCHARGER BANJO KAZOOIE THE REVENGE OF GRUNTY. Retrouvez les deux acolytes Banjo et Kazooie pour des moments de franches rigolades dans Banjo-Kazooie: La Revanche De Grunty, un jeu de plates-formes​.


Histoire[ modifier modifier le code ] Le jeu débute deux mois après Banjo-Kazooie. Gruntilda la sorcière est toujours enterrée vivante sous un gros rocher.


Grunty étant de retour, elle kidnappe alors Kazooie et remonte 20 ans en arrière pour empêcher le duo de se rencontrer. Grâce à la magie du shaman Mumbo, Banjo parvient à remonter dans le temps pour tenter de la stopper. Système de jeu[ modifier modifier le code ] Le gameplay est similaire à celui du jeu Conker's Pocket Tales.


Le jeu rappelle également la série The Legend of Zelda. La caméra étant située en hauteur, elle permet au personnage de se déplacer dans toutes les directions donnant une impression de 3D. Worlds Spiral Mountain - Banjo-Kazooie's homeworld. It features their destroyed home, Grunty's old lair from the first game , which has the entrance to Mumbo's Mountain and the rest of the lair blocked off by large boulders.

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Also Cheato lives here where he can give them cheats for five of his Cheato pages they find. Jinjo Village - Home of the Jinjos in which each different family of Jinjos of a given color give Banjo and Kazooie a Jiggy if they rescue them all.

Isle O' Hags - The hub world where all the other worlds can be accessed. It features many locations, many of which are blocked off until Banjo and Kazooie have certain moves. Mumbo Jumbo's spell here is Heal, which cures the sick. Humba Wumba's transformation here is a secret transformation called Dragon, which only affects Kazooie.

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It makes her able to spit fire at enemies along with all her normal moves, so she never needs to be changed back. It also gives her unlimited fire eggs. Like the rest of the transformations this can be turned off if the player wishes to. Mayahem Temple - A jungle-like world with ancient Mayan theme, featuring Mayan pyramids similar to ones found at Tikal. Mumbo's spell here is "Summon", which lets him control a large golden statue that can open large doors and attack larger enemies.

Wumba's transformation in this level is "Stony", a small creature made of stone that can understand the cryptic language of the other Stonies and enter the Mayan Kickball tournament.

Glitter Gulch Mine - An underground mine with a Western theme.


There are multiple caverns Banjo and Kazooie can explore, some filled with toxic gas or flooded with water, and they can ride a mine car along a track. Mumbo's spell in this level is "Levitate", which can levitate a boulder into a crushing shed, and levitate Chuffy the train back onto its tracks. Wumba's transformation here is "Detonator", which can detonate TNT packs to open up new parts of the level. Witchyworld - A substandard theme park featuring many dangerous rides and unhealthy food.

Mumbo's spell here is "Power", which can activate some of the rides and machines. Wumba's transformation is "Van", which can access certain doors and pay money to open up some of the attractions.

Banjo-Kazooie : La Revanche de Grunty sur GBA

Jolly Roger's Lagoon - A seaside resort. There's a small town at the entrance of the level, but most of it is in an immense underwater cavern which features Atlantis and other unusual locations.

Mumbo's spell is "Oxygenate Water", which makes the lagoon rich in oxygen so that Banjo and Kazooie can breathe underwater. Wumba's transformation is "Submarine", which can send out sonar pings and launch torpedoes.

Terrydactyland - A prehistoric world full of dinosaurs and cavemen. Mumbo's spell here is "Enlarge", which makes things larger. Baby can't do much besides access certain parts of the world, but Daddy T-Rex is ten times Banjo's original size and has a deafening roar.

Grunty Industries - A polluting factory full of dangerous machinery. Mumbo's spell is "EMP", which can disable certain machines, but only temporarily. Wumba's transformation is "Washing Machine", which can launch underwear at enemies, wash clothes, and is resistant to lava. Hailfire Peaks - A large mountain that has two sides to it, a "Fire Side" full of lava and fire, and an "Ice Side" with ice and snow.